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Founded in Maumee, Ohio, in 1947, The Andersons is a diversified company rooted in agriculture conducting business across North America in the grain, ethanol, plant nutrient and rail sectors. The company also has a consumer retailing presence. 

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Company Facts

-  2016 revenue $3.9 billion
-  More than 2,000 employees
-  About 100 locations across U.S.
-  Organized as four Business Units & Corporate Services

Grain Group

-  36 grain facilities in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Tennessee and Texas as well as Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada
-  153 million bushel capacity
-  1,270,000 tons of animal feed marketed
-  60 million bushels of food-grade grain supplied
-  Over 690,000 acres of crops insured
-  More than 475 employees

Ethanol Group

-  4 plants in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa
-  Ethanol production capacity of 405 million gallons
-  DDGS production capacity of 1.2 million tons
-  Corn oil production capacity of 90 million pounds
-  40 million gallons of finished E-85 flex fuel blended and marketed
-  More than 226 employees

Plant Nutrient Group

-  38 facilities in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin as well as leased space in the Eastern Corn Belt, Ontario and Puerto Rico
-  More than 2 million tons of nutrients, specialty products, Industrial Inputs, and corncob based products formulated, stored, and distributed
Major manufacturer and marketer of premium, patented products that utilize next generation technologies
Thousands of growers served by the group's retail Farm Centers
-  More than 738 employees

Rail Group

-  17 railcar repair facilities in California, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Ohio, South Carolina and Utah
-  Fleet of more than 23,000 various types of railcars and locomotives
-  9th largest privately-owned railcar fleet in North America
-  Services for railcar leasing, railcar repair, rail component manufacturing and barge leasing
-  More than 245 employees

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