Fact Sheet


Founded in 1947 in Maumee, Ohio, The Andersons, Inc. is a diversified company rooted in agriculture that conducts business in the commodity merchandising, renewables, and plant  nutrient sectors.


We firmly believe that our company is a powerful vehicle through which we channel our time, talent, and energy in pursuit of the fundamental goal of serving God by serving others.

Through our collective action, we greatly magnify the impact of our individual efforts to:

  • Provide extraordinary service to our customers
  • Help each other improve
  • Support our communities
  • Increase the value of our company


  • Nasdaq symbol: ANDE
  • Revenue: $16.4 billion
  • ~120 locations
  • ~2,400 total employees
  • Top 10 U.S. player in each business sector
  • 77 facilities throughout the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, and the U.K.
  • ~185 million-bushel grain storage capacity
  • ~32 million tonnes of grain traded
  • ~1.9 million tonnes of feed ingredients traded
  • ~1.6 million tonnes of specialty ingredients traded
  • 836 employees
  • 5 plants located in Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, and Ohio
  • ~525 million-gallon ethanol production volume
  • ~1.4 million-ton feed production volume
  • ~134+ million-pound corn oil production volume
  • 50 million gallons of E-85 flex fuel blended and marketed
  • 330 employees
Plant Nutrient
  • 37 facilities across the U.S.
  • ~2.5 million tons of nutrients, specialty products, industrial inputs, and corncob-based products formulated, stored, and distributed
  • Major manufacturer and marketer of premium products that use next-generation technologies
  • 10 retail farm centers that service thousands of growers
  • 740 employees